Catered Life is proud to partner with So Fit meals, a meal preparation service provided in our stores.

How It Works

Choose Your Menu 72 Hours in Advance

Order your menu for the week 3 days in advance. Email us, or use our Online Ordering Tool on your computer or your smartphone.

We only use the best ingredients

We prepare your meals from scratch using organic & local produce, hormone and antibiotic free proteins, and the healthiest cooking methods possible.

We prepare your meals! Just heat, eat & enjoy!

Pick your meals up at one of our Certified Pickup Locations, or have them delivered (12 meal minimum). We’ll text you 30 minutes before your food is ready.

Eat well, move a lot, be happy!

You’ll enjoy these delicious, healthy & affordable meals, while spending more time focusing on doing what matters most. Your busy lifestyle just found it’s perfect match.

Our Location

About The Founder

Since childhood, founder Michelle Calarese has always had a natural passion for food, a desire to help and inspire others, and the entrepreneurial spirit required to make it all come to fruition!

Today, as a team, we continue striving to add quality and convenience to hardworking people’s lives through one of the most important, yet overlooked, sources of improving human health – FOOD!

Our Mission is to build a personal relationship with you and your family, cater to your personal needs, and assist you in adding overall quality to your life.

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